1:1 VIP Experience

What if the boundaries you thought existed, were suddenly gone?  

Be Brave.

Go bigger bolder deeper than you've ever gone into yourself and your desires In your life. We are not settling on mediocre dreams, but powerful ones that are going to change the world!


You are successful yes, BUT...

  • Are you actually living at the level that you know you have the potential to live?

  • Are you serving your audience/family to the absolute best of your abilities?

  • Are you confident in your abilities and skills?

  • Are you making the world-altering impact that you know in your heart you have the ability to make?


Then let's go.


Forget about comfort zones, we left those behind a long time ago, and say hello to every step you take forward being scarier than the last...and loving every terrifying minute!

On the other side of fear, or scarcity, or limitations is the superhero that lives inside of you. SHE is the version of you that we are going to meet!


 ...but one thing is for sure: I came back to the USA a whole different kind of WOMAN.

I was no longer scared to voice what I wanted (or didn't). I had the confidence to go back to school for my degree. I even had the courage to leave a marriage that no longer felt right (even when some of my family didn't support it!) 


Experiences can be LIFE-CHANGING.


- They can expand your mind into seeing new possibilities.

- They can stretch what you thought you could do and teach you more lessons about who you truly are inside your heart.  

- They can unlock your inner SUPERHERO!


When I was 21 I made the decision to pack a few bags, sell most of my personal belongings, and move across the ocean to Greece with my then husband and our 9 month old daughter.


Talk about Scary -- this Carolina girl had never been off the east coast!

The next 2 years were some of the most difficult and exciting times of my life -- Had a miscarriage, played on some of the most beautiful beaches, almost died giving birth to my son, (sorta) learned to speak Greek (holy language barrier batman) ...

The Details:
3 day/2 night private retreat 
     :: Ditch the distractions (and external opinions) as we work to find your inner intuition.
Intensive (read uncomfortable) Customized mindset work
     :: Real transformation is difficult, often emotionally painful, and the absolute most important thing you can do when working to unleash the superhero inside of you! The leaders that you are looking up to now, are individuals who are now-pros at living in the discomfort of personal growth.
Luxury Spa Treatment
     :: Total body relaxation will allow you to show your body some love as you push it to its limits. 
#BeBrave challenge
     :: By getting you physically out of your comfort zone, it will prepare your mind to open up in ways that you can't even perceive yet!
12 private follow up calls as you transition back to your NEW-normal life
     :: This ensures that this isn't just a moment of excitement that will fade into a memory, but an experience that will truly transform the trajectory of your life.
The coveted #BeBrave Golden Cape along with various other personalized goodies hand picked for you!

**Packages start at $5k and are adjusted based on the specifics of the desired experience**

#BeBrave Fun Fact:

I was standing on the ledge of a 10 story building to get this shot!

I'm packed and ready! Are you??

Let's Find and UNLEASH your inner superhero so that you can feel confident in your abilities, have the courage to make the scary leaps, and leave the mark on the world that you were BORN TO MAKE!

**Packages start at $5k and are adjusted based on the specifics of the desired experience. A custom program/experience is created for each superlady who is accepted.