Women are unique. We are different than men in so many magnificent ways. We POWER through more continuous struggles as our roles are constantly changing, and we are left to juggle the extra pieces that don't seem to fit right anymore.

From being a daughter to a mom, to boss lady, to wife and friend, we want to impact the world in a meaningful way. We see the world through compassionate eyes and open hearts, wanting to always DO more, BE more, HELP more.

What if I told you that you could actually live MORE by doing LESS?? At least less of the TIME-SUCKING things that clutter our minds day-in and day-out. 

By Mastering your MINDSET and learning easy-to-implement tools, you will be able to gain that feeling of fulfillment that you've desperately been searching for. 

Let's work together to FACE FEARS, discover who you are at your CORE, Identify your unique GIFTS (aka Superpowers), and get out of Survival mode once and for all! 

At Searching For Superpower, we are passionate about empowering as many women as possible, and believe that it high-level coaching should be available to EVERYONE who desires to start a personal development journey. This is why we break it down into phases, so that you are able to learn what YOU need at the moment (and can skip what you don't!)

By providing affordable options for any stage in your personal development journey there are no more excuses as to why you can't have the tools and support you need to THRIVE!


About 'Super' Jen

Jen pursued a degree in Business Administration, is a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach Institute, and a certified NLP Practitioner.


She has extensive experience in Overcoming Mindset Blocks and Developing rising leaders through education, coaching, and retreats. She uses the 3C's ( Clarity, Confidence, Courage) to help women #GetSearching for true fulfillment, and #BeBrave as they take the lead in their lives  This empowers them to own their POWER and embrace who they are!



Hi I'm
Life Coach. Mindset Master. (Secret Superhero).

I'd love to hear from you Superlady!

If you have questions or requests please feel free to email me directly at:



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Women are Powerful. I help them Unlock it.

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